Installing angel3_cli installs a command line dart application in your local environment. Executed from the terminal, it provides access to a set of useful commands for working with Angel3. The --help option gives more information about the available options.


  • Prerequisite: Dart SDK must be installed

  • Open a terminal screen and run the following command.

      dart pub global activate angel3_cli

Creating a New Project

  • Creating a new project, hello, in the current directory, run:

      angel3 init hello
  • Initializing a project within a directory, hello, run:

      angel3 init
  • Follows the instructions given to complete setting up the new project. Choose from one of the available Angel3 templates to best represents what you would like your backend server to do. A well structured project will be generated and ready for development.

Starting Backend Server

  • Running the server in development mode:

      # Use the `--observe` flag to enable hot reloading in Angel3.
      dart --observe bin/dev.dart
  • Running the server in production mode:

      dart bin/prod.dart

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